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Western Intermodal Freight Precinct

Industry, regional organisations and councils in Melbourne's West come together to discuss multi-billion dollar freight terminal

Executive representatives from the supply chain and logistics industry, Western Melbourne regional organisations and local councils came together on Wednesday, 8th September for a briefing on the business investment case for the Western Intermodal Freight Terminal (WIFT).

The briefing by the Hon Melissa Horne, Minister for Ports and Freight, identified the Truganina site as the preferred option for a freight terminal in Melbourne given it “just ticks all the boxes”.

Attendees at the meeting heard that the WIFT is critical to the success of the Commonwealth Inland Rail Project enabling 1800m long, double stacked trains to operate along the corridor without the need for double handling through the existing low tunnel structures.

Minister Horne and her departmental representatives outlined a number of key reasons for supporting the WIFT, including:

its location close to around 50 per cent of existing interstate freight rail customers

removing up to 2000 daily truck movements from Melbourne’s inner west when interstate freight is relocated away from the Dynon Terminal

easier access to the rail freight connections for the significant existing warehousing and logistics companies in the West

reducing transit times along the inland rail Brisbane to Melbourne, from 33 hours to 24 hours.

Creation of 2000 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs

The meeting heard that the WIFT provides a key economic solution for producers across Australia’s regions, lowering the door-to-door costs for getting their products to market.

It was agreed at the briefing that industry and a regional group of representatives in Melbourne’s West will work together to advocate to the Commonwealth and Victorian State Governments for investment in the WIFT.

Industry representatives present at the briefing included:

Amazon Victorian Transport Association

CEVA Wettenhalls

Linfox Woolworths

Port of Melbourne Victoria University

Rail Freight Alliance WoMEDA

Scalzo Foods LeadWest

SCT Logistics Melton City Council

Secon Wyndham City Council

Toll Group Committee for Wyndham

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