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Mayors call for City Deal as new polling data reveals Melbourne’s West is changing fast

Sep 6, 2017

A delegation of mayors and CEOs from Melbourne’s west are in Canberra today calling for a new agreement between federal, state and local government, to bridge the region’s investment gap and prepare for rapid population growth.

“The call comes as new polling and Census analysis reveals rapid population growth is impacting voting lines in the traditional Labor-held seats.  

A poll and census analysis of Lalor, Gorton, Maribyrnong, Calwell and Gellibrand conducted by Lonergan research revealed

  • The creation of a new electorate as a result of population growth would likely deliver a new Labor held seat, but;
  • Undecided voters skew towards conservative minor parties. Amongst those voters who would vote for a party candidate other than Labor, Liberal or the Greens, three of the four most popular are conservative parties, including Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (22%), Corey Bernardis Australian Conservatives Party (16%), and the Shooters and Fishers Party (11%). The Sex Party picked up 19% of the minor party vote.
  • New cultural communities are leaning strongly toward Labor (South East and South Central Asian descent) or Liberal (African descent)

 “Our communities are growing rapidly and their needs are changing just as fast,” said Sophie Ramsey, Mayor of Melton on the outskirts of Melbourne’s west. 

“Melbourne will soon be Australia’s largest city and the West will be taking more of this growth than any other area of Melbourne.

“Australia’s largest city cannot remain the world’s best place to live unless Melbourne’s west gets the services and infrastructure it needs to support this growth.

A City Deal would create a mechanism for all levels of government to give Melbourne’s west the focus it needs,” said Sandra Wilson, Mayor of Hobson’s Bay.

“This isn’t just about planning for houses, schools and hospitals where there were once paddocks or warehouses.

“This is about creating new jobs, transport networks and industries for Melbourne’s future, and that’s critical to the nation.

“We now want to work in partnership with the Commonwealth and Victorian governments to discuss what else can be included in a City Deal for our region, and to finalise an agreement as soon as possible.

“With 30,000 to 50,000 people predicted to be moving to our region every year, we cannot afford to delay.

“As a region we are here in Canberra with a clear set of priorities – now it’s time for federal politicians to step up to the plate.”

Through LeadWest, local councils in Melbourne’s west are proposing an innovative set of policies and projects that will help to meet the needs of this future growth, including:

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