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LeadWest's Constitution Amended

May 11, 2016

LeadWest's Constitution has been updated to allow for stronger engagement of the participating councils.

At a special general meeting held in LeadWest's office on Wednesday May 11, the members of LeadWest passed the following special resolution:

“That the Constitution of LeadWest Ltd in the form presented to the Special General Meeting and initialed by LeadWest’s Acting Chairman be adopted as the Constitution of LeadWest Ltd in substitution for and to the exclusion of the LeadWest’s existing Constitution.”

The major changes contained in the new Constitution are:

  • Amendment of clause 12.3 so that it now ensures that if any of LeadWest's participating council members decides to end its membership, it will maintain its membership for a further two financial years, and that other participating council members can align their membership cessation, so that there is a coordinated adjustment to LeadWest's operations over their final two financial years as members.
  • Removal of a clause that had prohibited directors and alternate directors from act as the representative of the member at LeadWest's annual general meetings and any special general meetings.
  • Amendment of clause 24.2 to allow each participating council to nominate two people to serve as directors of LeadWest, one being a member of the council and the other being the CEO of the council or a senior officer who reports directly to the CEO. This enables the CEOs of the participating council members to serve on LeadWest's Board alongside directors who are members of the councils, directors who are elected by LeadWest's members, and LeadWest's Independent Chair.
  • Amendment of clause 34.2 to make the quorum for a meeting of LeadWest's Board a simple majority of the directors.
  • Inclusion of a new clause (42.1) requiring a Memorandum of Understanding to be agreed between LeadWest and the participating council members. 

The current version of LeadWest's Constitution is now available online at here

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