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LeadWest welcomes NewCold APAC HQ

Jun 14, 2016

The Victorian Government today announced Dutch-based cold storage and logistics company NewCold will establish its Asia-Pacific Headquarters and a major automated cold storage warehouse in Truganina creating 127 full time jobs in Melbourne’s west.  

LeadWest welcomes this good news.  NewCold will be the main tenant in the Agar Industrial Estate, a newly developed estate in the City of Melton, enabling further development and job creation in Truganina.

Opening in 2017, NewCold’s facility will use high level automation and will create jobs in IT, engineering, software development and management.

LeadWest has used the REMPLAN economic analysis tool to model the effects of NewCold's 127 job expansion in the economy of Melbourne's west.

Flow-on industrial effects in terms of local purchases of goods and services are anticipated, and it is estimated that these indirect impacts would result in the gain of a further 105 jobs. 

The increase in direct and indirect output and the corresponding creation of jobs in the economy are expected to result in an increase in the wages and salaries paid to employees. A proportion of these wages and salaries are typically spent on consumption and a proportion of this expenditure is captured in the local economy. The consumption effects under this scenario are estimated to further boost employment by 63 jobs.

Total employment, including all direct, industrial and consumption effects is estimated to increase by up to 295 jobs.

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