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Productive Economy in Melbourne's West

"A new west is emerging with a strong, skilled workforce and new employment and business opportunities."

The second thread of the Western Agenda is Productive Economy, which draws on the fact that cities provide economic opportunity.

A city cannot be considered 'liveable' or 'sustainable' if it is not configured to distribute opportunity equitably.

As a region of urban, peri urban and rural areas, Melbourne's west faces economic circumstances very different to those of the City of Melbourne and the primarily urban regions to its east and south-east. Melbourne's west needs to adjust to the challenges and opportunities of Australia's patchwork economy.

There is a patchwork nature to the regional economy of Melbourne's west itself. The region is increasingly diverse, with a growing gap between areas of high and low employment and income growth. To ensure that the people of Melbourne's west have equitable access to economic opportunities, we need new sources of employment growth throughout the region.

Employment has always been the path to a better life. The opportunity to secure employment and contribute to the economic sustainability of Melbourne's west should extend to everyone in the region who is of working age.

Joined-up thinking

  • Creating jobs and growing the region’s economy is vital in order to redress the imbalance with population growth.
  • More jobs within the region reduce dependence on the Melbourne CBD for jobs (and therefore travel demand) and reduce escape expenditure.
  • A strong local economy, with adequate infrastructure and plentiful job opportunities can significantly increase peoples' sense of self worth and reduce poverty, crime and social dysfunction.
  • Higher employment levels reduce dependence on welfare and community support services, lowering the cost to government and taxpayers.


The Western Agenda sets out the following Productive Economy goals for our region through to 2016:

  1. Identified and harnessed key economic drivers and catalysts for economic growth in the region.
  2. Enhanced image and profile of Melbourne’s west as an attractive place for economic investment.
  3. Increased job density and opportunities throughout Melbourne’s west.
  4. Increased labour force participation.
  5. Improved alignment of labour demand and supply and more local employment of residents.

See also:

To learn more about the targets, priority actions and responsibilities for enhancing the Productive Economy in Melbourne’s west, please download a copy of the Western Agenda (links below).

If you would like to discuss Productive Economy with LeadWest, please contact us.

Date Name File Size
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 1 5.39 MB
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 2 8.14 MB