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Education and Skills in Melbourne's West

"We need to equip our community for jobs in the new economy, raise education levels and choices, improve access to education, increase school retention rates, grow the number of tertiary graduates, expand private school options, increase Internet and computer usage, deliver high speed broadband and foster lifelong learning."

The first thread of the Western Agenda is Education and Skills, which leads toward future prosperity in Melbourne’s west.

Development of a strong skills base in our region is of paramount importance. It provides the platform for increasing participation and productivity. The highest priority for our region is to improve educational outcomes which can support better economic opportunities (employment and entrepreneurship) and social opportunities for the people of Melbourne’s west.

Joined-up thinking

  • Raising education and skill levels is vital to enable access to new higher paying jobs.
  • With improvements and greater access to education and skills comes an increased sense of peoples’ sense of purpose and self worth, resulting in reduced poverty with less crime and social dysfunction.
  • Education and skills equip people to look after themselves better and adopt healthier lifestyles, thereby reducing dependence on welfare, health and community support services, resulting in less cost to government.
  • Appreciation of environmental issues is enhanced with higher levels of education, leading to greater motivation to improve the environment, which in turn improves the sense of pride and the region’s attractiveness for investment.
  • Similarly, appreciation of arts and culture increases with educational attainment and can feed back into growth in our region’s creative economy.


The Western Agenda sets out the following goals for our region through to 2016:

  1. Increased educational opportunity in Melbourne’s west underpinned by high quality educational infrastructure and services.
  2. Improved educational retention rates and real improvements in education attainment outcomes in the schools of Melbourne’s west.
  3. Skills developed which underpin a sustainable economy for Melbourne’s west into the future.
  4. Improved average education and skills profile for the region.

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To learn more about the targets, priority actions and responsibilities for improving Education and Skills in Melbourne’s west, please download a copy of the Western Agenda (links below).

If you would like to discuss Education and Skills with LeadWest, please contact us.

Date Name File Size
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 1 5.39 MB
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 2 8.14 MB