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Social diversity, inclusion and cohesion

One of the strengths of Melbourne’s west is our immense cultural and social diversity. Social inclusion is a key priority. In our region we want to ensure that every person, especially those experiencing disadvantage, feels valued and has all the opportunities, resources, capabilities and responsibilities they need to learn, work, connect with others and participate fully in the life of our community.

Community development is part of the fabric that holds a community together and inspires vibrancy as individuals come together to realise their potential as a group. Melbourne’s west will achieve greater social inclusion and connectedness with appropriate investments supporting cultural events and community cultural development opportunities. For example, direct involvement by communities in arts activity can contribute significantly to individual and community wellbeing. Celebrating community events, such as those organised during Cultural Diversity Week, are reminders that we all share the same journey and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. These are the occasions that people get to ‘rub shoulders’ with their neighbours and break down communication barriers.

Stakeholders in Melbourne’s west also recognise the need to ensure access for people of with a disability. The local governments of our region offer a range of community access services, inclusion opportunities and support options for people with a disability, to ensure they remain active in their chosen communities. Support includes: care planning, community based social and leisure opportunities, outreach, advocacy and policy development. To ensure that access to opportunities is equitably provided in Melbourne’s west assistance from the Australian Government and Victorian Government is crucial. Melbourne’s west is eager to be an early participating region in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

To learn more about the targets, priority actions and responsibilities for advancing Community Wellbeing in Melbourne’s west, please download a copy of the Western Agenda (links below).

If you would like to discuss Community Wellbeing with LeadWest, please contact us.

Date Name File Size
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 1 5.39 MB
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 2 8.14 MB