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Low Carbon West

Businesses today are faced with increasing energy costs, which is adversely affecting their growth and profitability. LeadWest worked with the Western Alliance Greenhouse Action Group (WAGA), Western Melbourne Regional Development Australia (WMRDA), AECOM, Arup, our members and a range of other businesses from Melbourne's west on a plan to transition our regional economy to a more sustainable low carbon basis through practical and evidence-based action.

A study of baseline greenhouse gas emissions from Melbourne’s west has estimated that there will be a 15 per cent growth in emissions from the region by 2020. Structural changes contributing to this significant difference include rapid population growth, changing demographics, new housing and transport choices and a changing mix of employment.

Low Carbon West will assist businesses in Melbourne's west to increase their production efficiencies and decrease energy costs and wastage. Showing businesses how to find ways to reduce energy costs and wastage will increase economic productivity and environmental sustainability in Melbourne's west. 


Melbourne’s west will support a growing, vibrant and diverse economy and aims to achieve this while decoupling the region’s planned growth from increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Low Carbon West will:

  • Generate a current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions profile for the region, based on the best available existing data, and project this profile into the future under two scenarios: business-as-usual and implementation of Low Carbon West.
  • Develop a clear plan for mitigation of emissions, bespoke to the specific characteristics and aspirations of the region and taking into account cost and implementation hurdles for mitigation measures.
  • Facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing between councils, industry and other stakeholders to provide maximum opportunities for low carbon economic growth, specifically to create a platform to attract wider state and federal funding into the region.
  • Act as a catalyst for direct regional and local communication and action aimed at driving reductions in emissions from business, institutions, communities and individuals.
  • Establish a road map for the implementation of Low Carbon West.
  • Outline an approach for monitoring the progress of Low Carbon West, including ongoing maintenance of the relevant emissions data, progress in knowledge-sharing and collaboration, successes with securing relevant funding, and practical action on mitigation of emissions.

Date Name File Size
Nov 25, 2014 Low Carbon West – Overarching strategy 1.39 MB
Nov 25, 2014 Low Carbon West – Communities Sector Report 4.96 MB
Nov 25, 2014 Low Carbon West – Business and Industry Sector Report 5.14 MB
Nov 25, 2014 Low Carbon West – Urban Growth and Development Sector Report 7.91 MB
Nov 25, 2014 Low Carbon West – Transporting People and Freight Sector Report 3.01 MB
Nov 25, 2014 Low Carbon West – Summary Booklet 657.24 KB