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FreshWest promotes a vision of Melbourne's west as a place for investment by businesses at any point of the whole food cycle.

The Opportunity

To establish Melbourne's west as a nationally and internationally recognised whole food cycle region - from the paddock to the plate and back again, with integrated water security and waste recycling services.

The Vision

Melbourne's west, with world class irrigation districts, leading food science and technology, and highly productive food processing and waste-to-resource firms, positioned in the Asian Century as one of Australia's leading regions for food production and export.

The Goal

To develop a long term, investment attraction strategy that will transform Melbourne’s west into a world-renowned whole food cycle region.

Why Melbourne's West?

  1. Concentration of food businesses
  2. Superior transport linkages and locational advantage
  3. Fertile and productive agricultural land
  4. Water security
  5. R&D, food science and technology
  6. Waste-to-resource management
  7. Strong and increasing export potential
  8. Industry recognition and support

For more information, please refer to the FreshWest document available for download below.

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