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Work West

Western Agenda Goal:

Melbourne’s West becoming the region generating the best opportunities to earn a living, with above trend growth in Gross Regional Product, and high rates of business growth, creation of local jobs, and workforce participation and productivity.

Strategic Action: 

Stakeholders in Melbourne’s West agree that our region must be one that extends economic opportunity, attracts business investment, facilitates prosperity and job creation.  We work together to:
  • Implement the West of Melbourne Economic Development Strategy.
  • Set regional jobs targets and facilitating business prosperity and job creation at rates that reduces the region’s unemployment level.
  • Align regional expectations and policies for jobs and training with those of the Victorian Government.
  • Help strong sectors of the regional economy to grow faster.
  • Help sectors of the regional economy with lower levels of local employment to grow faster and employ more local workers.
  • Ensure communities are connected to opportunity by access to high quality, safe, affordable and environmentally sustainable transport options suitable to their needs.