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Kororoit Creek Nature Links and Brimbank Urban Environs Enhancements

The Kororoit Creek Nature Links and Brimbank Urban Environs Enhancements sub-project of the Greening the West of Melbourne (One Million Trees) Project will establish and manage 150,000 mixed native species plantings by the end of June 2017 at locations within the Kororoit Creek Nature Link and the urban environs of Brimbank, including specific focus on sites where Green Army projects will be implemented within Brimbank as part of the 10,000 trees in 10 Parks Project.

Sites are identified along the middle reaches of the Kororoit Creek corridor (with the City of Brimbank), Taylors Creek and Green Gully, Energy Park, Dempster Park, Llyod Reserve, John Mcleod Reserve, Selwyn Park, Keilor Park Recreation Reserve, Bon Thomas Reserve, Kevin Flint Reserve, Sassella Park, Kings Park Reserve, Deer Park Urban Forest, and public golf courses, Federation Trail, Regional Rail Link sites, and powerline easements within the City of Brimbank.

This sub-project will also involve planting at sites that extend and enhance the initial Green Army projects and prior works undertaken by land managers, Landcare groups and/or “Friends of” groups and other Greening the West initiatives such as the Living Brooklyn Project’s Kororoit Creek interface.