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Greening the West

Greening the West is an initiative that aims to deliver positive health and social outcomes and enhanced liveability for communities in the western suburbs of Melbourne. 

It seeks to do this by taking a regional approach to urban greening – fostering projects and activities that deliver increased vegetation along with access to, and use of quality green space.

In Melbourne’s west we have fast paced urbanisation. We have some of the fastest growing areas in Australia. They are also drier and often warmer than other parts of Melbourne. As the population increases, so too does pollution, heat and pressure on the environment.

Trees and vegetation are vital components for liveable, healthy suburbs and provide many health, environmental and economic benefits. Greening the West aims to positively impact the health status, climate and environment of Melbourne’s west by increasing the tree canopy cover and vegetation throughout our suburbs.

Greening the West is a collaborative program between the following partners:

For more information on Greening the West you can watch videos here or send an email to

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