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Better Health Plan for the West

In 2011, Western Health partnered with local government and health care providers in Melbourne’s west to develop a Better Health Plan for the West, which includes an agreed set of key health planning issues and broader directions for future service delivery in our region, with an overall goal of creating healthy and engaged communities in Melbourne’s west.

Implementation of the Better Health Plan for the West will initially focus on addressing three high priority health issues in Melbourne’s west:

  • Mental Health
  • Cardiovascular disease, Obesity and Diabetes and
  • Cancer.

Mental Health

There has been a significant surge in people with mental illnesses presenting at the emergency departments across hospitals in Melbourne’s west. This is due to a lack of availability or inability to access other mental health services in the region. Given the growing prevalence of mental illness in our region and its often devastating impact on people’s lives, it is critical that there be  continual improvement in treatment and increased provision of support services provided to people in Melbourne’s west that are affected by mental illness.

Type 2 Diabetes

Victoria University’s Australian Community Centre on Diabetes, working on a mapping project with Diabetes Australia—Victoria, has found that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Melbourne’s west far exceeds the Victorian average. Up to one in seven people in Melbourne’s west has the disease, compared with one in 30 for the whole of Victoria. Brimbank is a particular hotspot.

Foremost for our region is a need to increase health literacy among people with diabetes and people at risk of diabetes, resulting in improved care and self-management. Type 2 diabetes is primarily a lifestyle disease that is closely linked to obesity. Food security—regular access to safe, nutritionally adequate and culturally acceptable food—has been identified as a priority issue for Melbourne’s west. There is also a need to boost the proportion of our region’s population participating in physical activities, such as organised sport and recreation. Low participation, particularly in outer suburbs, is likely to be partly due to the direct and indirect effects of limited facilities and programs for both passive and active recreational opportunities.


Cancer is a leading cause of disease and the major cause of death in Victoria. The latest statistics reveal an average of nine residents in Melbourne’s west is diagnosed with cancer every day.

Between 2008 and 2010 cancer was responsible for the deaths of 3884 people in Melbourne’s west. The north-western suburbs are particularly over-represented in cancer-related deaths.

To learn more about the targets, priority actions and responsibilities for advancing Community Wellbeing in Melbourne’s west, please download a copy of the Western Agenda (links below).

If you would like to discuss Community Wellbeing with LeadWest, please contact us.

Date Name File Size
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 1 5.39 MB
Feb 18, 2013 Western Agenda 2012-2016 Part 2 8.14 MB
Sep 6, 2012 Better Health Plan for the West 4.2 MB