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Live West

Western Agenda Goal:

Melbourne’s west becoming the best place to live – renowned for its clean, green and beautiful, vibrant, diverse and sustainable communities where our rich multicultural character is embraced and participation in a vibrant community life is encouraged.

Strategic Action:

Stakeholders in Melbourne’s West agree that our region must be one in which communities can enjoy the highest attainable standards of health, wellbeing and participation at every age.  We work together to:
  • Foster environmental sustainability
  • Foster community wellbeing, capacity and sense of belonging
  • Implement the Better Health Plan for the West to reduce the burden of disease and increase life expectancy
  • Address socio-economic disadvantage and invest to strengthen communities and build social capital
  • Prevent violence against women and children
  • Minimise the harms of problem gambling
  • Ensure communities have access to affordable housing (reducing homelessness) and a diversity of housing stock that is suitable for their needs across their lifespan