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Telecommunications in Melbourne's west

Telecommunications infrastructure has come to be just as vital a pillar of the socio-economic wellbeing of a community as other more visible infrastructure such as roads, railways, bridges, electricity, gas and water supply and sanitation.

Broadband data access – both cabled and wireless – has emerged as being especially important. An increasing number of individual Australians are becoming dependent on it in many aspects of their daily lives. New businesses are proliferating in the growing global “information economy” and traditional businesses are reinventing themselves to take advantage of the opportunities that electronic communications presents.

Communities that are deprived of adequate access will find themselves at increasing socio-economic and environmental disadvantage.

A systematic look at the key broadband infrastructure in Melbourne’s west as well as anecdotal evidence from individuals and businesses struggling to obtain quality access exposes limitations and “black spots” in the region.

There is an opportunity for telecommunications to be used in alleviating many of the demographic imbalances that currently exist in the Melbourne's west – for instance, in raising education levels, in improving the balance between population and employment opportunities and in reducing transport bottlenecks.

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