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Werribee Plains

The Werribee Plains are notable for their extensive, flat, featureless spans, interspersed by the occasional vertical feature, such as the You Yangs, a series of granite ridges, and several small extinct volcanoes.

The Werribee Plains forms part of the vast Western Volcanic Plains that extend from Melbourne to the South Australian border.  The Victorian Government has identified the Western Volcanic Plains as one of thirteen flagship areas in Victoria.

The Victorian Resources Online Werribee Plains site is maintained by the Department of Primary Industries.  It provides maps and associated information on the region's climate, landform, land use, soil, water, fauna, biodiversity, land and water management and cultural heritage.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment monitors infestations of priority weeds occuring within the Werribee Plains. The Department records details in its Integrated Pest Management System (IPMS) database, including the area and severity of infestation. Mapping and monitoring is undertaken on a continuous basis, but is not complete for the region.