Western Bulldogs Football Club

--- Western Bulldogs (Footscray Football Club)

LeadWest has two types of members: (1) the councils of Melbourne‚Äôs west; and (2) other organisations that operate in Melbourne's west.

The Western Bulldogs became an 'other member' of LeadWest in November 2007.

The Footscray Football Club Ltd, trading as the Western Bulldogs, is part of the Australian Football League (AFL) with the Club holding one of eighteen licenses under an arrangement with the AFL.

Since inception in 1878, the Western Bulldogs have been located at Whitten Oval in Melbourne's west and are arguably one of the market leading sporting franchises in Australia.

Based in Australia's second fastest growing region and recognised nationally as the Community Club of the AFL, the Club is currently embarking on a $30 million redevelopment of its administration and training facilities. 

The redevelopment of Whitten Oval as a multidisciplinary community and football hub is being realised and represents a significant and unique opportunity in the western region for the Western Bulldogs, its stakeholders and the local community.

The Western Bulldogs was the first club in the AFL to pioneer a dedicated program to engage new and emerging communities who have settled in Victoria. 

The Bulldogs Friendly Business program has been specifically developed to showcase small-to-medium businesses in the West, whilst creating additional value for our members

With a young, committed and talented squad of players, the Western Bulldogs are expected to remain in the top echelon of AFL teams for the foreseeable future.

Interested in LeadWest membership?

Any organisation with operations or interests that are based in Melbourne's west may apply for membership. There is a process set down in LeadWest's Constitution for approval of memberships by the Board of Directors