--- Nufarm

LeadWest has two types of members: (1) the councils of Melbourne‚Äôs west; and (2) other organisations that operate in Melbourne's west.

Nufarm became an 'other member' of LeadWest in November 2007.

Nufarm Limited is one of the world's leading crop protection companies. It manufactures products to help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease.

Nufarm was established in Melbourne in the mid 1950s. Founder, Max Fremder, began selling phenoxy herbicides to professional spray applicators in regional Victoria and quickly established a reputation for excellent customer service and good quality products.

The company moved to its present head office location at Laverton North in 1972, with the corporate headquarters located adjacent to Nufarm's largest manufacturing facility.

Nufarm now has manufacturing and marketing operations throughout Australia, NZ, Asia, the Americas and Europe and sells products in more than 100 countries around the world.

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Any organisation with operations or interests that are based in Melbourne's west may apply for membership. There is a process set down in LeadWest's Constitution for approval of memberships by the Board of Directors