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LeadWest has two types of members: (1) the councils of Melbourne’s west; and (2) other organisations that operate in Melbourne's west.

The GPT Group became an 'other member' of LeadWest in March 2010.

With over 400 stores to explore, ample car parking and family friendly facilities, Highpoint Shopping Centre is managed by The GPT Group.

The GPT Group’s business is focused on high quality Australian real estate in the retail, office and industrial/business park sectors as well as funds management and selective development.

The ability to own, manage and develop quality Australian real estate that lasts, that is distinctive and that becomes part of people’s lives and Australia’s history is a key focus for GPT.

Interested in LeadWest membership?

Any organisation with operations or interests that are based in Melbourne's west may apply for membership. There is a process set down in LeadWest's Constitution for approval of memberships by the Board of Directors