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LeadWest has two types of members: (1) the councils of Melbourne‚Äôs west; and (2) other organisations that operate in Melbourne's west.

Deakin University became an 'other member' of LeadWest in September 2014 and a respresentative of Deakin University was elected to LeadWest's Board in 2016.

Established in 1974, Deakin University was Victoria's fourth university and the first in regional Victoria. Deakin today has over 53,000 students each year, and is ranked No.1 for student satisfaction in Victoria. In addition, Deakin is known for its world class facilities, research and teaching ranking 5 stars.

Deakin has been strengthened by a series of successful mergers with strong partners, each of whom has contributed significantly to its character and approach. Today, Deakin operates in a global, connected world with the digital economy influencing every aspect of its activities. Deakin has over 50,000 students, with a third choosing to study wholly in the cloud (online).

Deakin is committed to developing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders in western metropolitan Melbourne, one of the fastest growing regions in Victoria and the third fastest growing in Australia. Deakin engages with its stakeholders in diverse ways, whether that be with business and industry partners or through our teaching and corporate education programs, research and intern partnerships, community programs or sponsorship activities.

Deakin's growth in Melbourne's west reflects a need for further opportunities in higher education to widen participation and support students from diverse backgrounds. To meet this demand, Deakin and The Gordon opened in 2014 the Werribee Learning Centre in Wyndham in Melbourne's West, which provides a stylish and accessible space for education delivery, community functions and student engagement in our region. The Werribee Learning Centre offers courses and fosters awareness of programs available through Deakin and The Gordon. It builds aspiration for tertiary study, and and promotes pathways into the undergraduate programs at the four Deakin campuses, as well as the Cloud  online campus which  offers over  200 courses. Students can progress seamlessly from The Gordon diplomas to Deakin degrees and study locally out of the Werribee Learning Centre.

Deakin is working closely with LeadWest to support sustainable growth and regional development in Melbourne's West.