Become a Member

LeadWest Ltd is constituted as a not for profit company limited by guarantee without share capital. 

A company limited by guarantee is a specialised form of public company designed for non-profit organisations. It uses a company structure with ‘directors’, but has ‘members’ instead of ‘shareholders’.  

Any organisation whose operations or interests are based in Melbourne's west may apply to become a member of LeadWest Ltd.

An individual cannot become a member of LeadWest Ltd.

Benefits for Members

Regional Leadership

  • Opportunity to influence strategies for the sustainable development of Melbourne's west
  • Opportunity to stand for election to LeadWest's Board
  • Opportunity to address LeadWest's Board and/or broader membership
  • Opportunity to participate in LeadWest's delegations to the Australian Government and Victorian Government
  • Opportunity to attend briefings by leaders from government and business
  • Opportunity to attend regional networking events
  • Opportunity to participate in a special interest committee
  • Opportunity to provide input to strategic plans


  • Promotion via LeadWest's website, social media, annual reports and other documents
  • Opportunity to host LeadWest's events
  • Opportunity to deliver presentations at LeadWest's events
  • Opportunity to display promotional material at LeadWest's events


  • Receive regular communication on regional matters
  • Receive copies of regional strategies, plans, reports, and submissions

Additional Benefits for Member Councils

All of the benefits listed above, plus –

  • 10 votes at meetings of members, such as the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting
  • 2 positions on LeadWest's Board, one for the council's CEO and the other any councillor nominated by the council

Date Name File Size
Sep 25, 2014 Application for Membership of LeadWest Ltd 166.34 KB
Sep 25, 2014 LeadWest Membership Enquiry Form 198.3 KB
Sep 25, 2014 Consent to become a Member (Council) 349.97 KB
Sep 25, 2014 Consent to become a Member (Non-Council) 348.18 KB