Mr Michael Mangos of Deakin University

LeadWest's Board has two types of Director: Participating Council Nominated Directors and Elected Directors.  An Alternative Director can be appointed for each Director.

At LeadWest's Annual General Meeting in November 2016, Mr Michael Mangos of Deakin University was elected by LeadWest's members to serve as a Director on LeadWest's Board for a two-year term. 

Mr Mangos' career has demonstrated his capacity to work at the highest level in both managerial and strategic roles in the public and private sectors, and his management and communication skills are complimented by a wide network of diverse stakeholders. He is currently the Director the Director of Stakeholder Partnerships and Community Relations with Deakin University. 

He has a long and experienced background in stakeholder relations and community engagement and as worked for Ministers in both the Federal and Victorian Governments. Whilst working in Ministerial offices at the Federal and State government level, Mr Mangos worked to deliver a number of significant policy statements. 

Mr Mangos has previously worked in corporate affairs positions for a top 100 ASX listed company and is a former General Manager of a not for profit benevolent society.