Mr Jackson Docherty of Victoria University

LeadWest's Board has two types of Director: Participating Council Nominated Directors and Elected Directors.  An Alternative Director can be appointed for each Director.

Mr Jackson Docherty of Victoria Polytechnic, the TAFE Division of Victoria University, was appointed to serve as the Alternative Director for Dr Rob Brown of Victoria University in April 2017 until Dr Brown retired as a Director at the end of three consecutive terms of service in October 2018.

Mr Docherty was then elected as a Director by LeadWest's Members at LeadWest's Annual General Meeting in November 2018.

Mr Docherty commenced at Victoria University Polytechnic in 2016 and has over 20 years’ experience in an array of leadership positions in complex organisations globally.

As the Director for Business Growth and Werribee Campus, he oversees all commercial and marketing activity, including short courses and international enrolments, on behalf of the Polytechnic.

Mr Docherty has extensive experience in operational and strategic planning gained during his career as an officer in the British Army. Leadership skills developed in this career formed the cornerstone of his own business in Victoria where he facilitated training for corporate clients.

Founder of the inaugural Geelong Innovation Expo in 2012, he delivered the Victorian Government’s first Industry Innovation program that enhanced collaboration between industry and academia.