Mr Cameron FitzGerald of City West Water

LeadWest's Board has two types of Director: Participating Council Nominated Directors and Elected Directors.  An Alternative Director can be appointed for each Director.

At LeadWest's Annual General Meeting in November 2018, Mr Cameron FitzGerald of City West Water was elected by LeadWest's members to serve as a Director on LeadWest's Board for a two-year term. 

Mr FitzGerald is an Executive Leader with almost 20 years’ experience in the Utilities and Government sectors.  He brings a values based approach to his leadership that seeks to empower, inspire and develop teams to achieve outstanding results. His track record of results includes:

  • Successfully developing and delivering the ground breaking Target 155 water saving program for Melbourne during the Millennium Drought.  This highly successful campaign demonstrated how effective engagement can deliver outstanding results for customers and the community. Target 155 has been cited internationally as a best practice example of community based action.
  • Development of the Water Supply Demand Strategy for Melbourne.  This 50 year strategic outlook leveraged the concepts of integrated water cycle management and sought to provide long term water security in a manner that ensured enhanced liveability, affordability and prosperity outcomes for the community. 
  • Delivering a Commercial Transformation program at Melbourne Water to drive a significant reduction in peak debt, reduced water costs for customers and support achievement of long term strategic objectives.
  • Leading the delivery of CWW’s new business strategy that commits CWW to its new vision of being “an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the community.”

Having Graduated with Honours in Chemical Engineering at Melbourne University, Mr FizGerald has worked across a range of organisations including KPMG, Melbourne Water, City West Water and EPA Victoria.  He has consistently demonstrated an ability to turn technical thinking into on the ground results that benefit the wider community.