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Activities and Achievements in 2008-09 (Year 2)

In our second year of operation LeadWest undertook activities that would contribute to achievement of goals set out in the Western Agenda, including:

Western Agenda Thread
Example Activities
Thread 1 Education and Skills
  • Connecting with Local Learning and Employment Networks and working cooperatively with them to better understand the education and skills opportunities and challenges in Melbourne's west.
  • Preparing for a Regional Education and Skills Forum.
  • Advocating for Australian Government funding for Trade Training Centres in the region.

Thread 2 Productive Economy 

  • Connecting with leaders of businesses in Melbourne's west and economic development professionals throughout the region.
  • Meeting with Victoria's Minister for Industry and Trade and Minister for Industrial Relations.
  • Advocating for Melbourne's west to be accorded Priority Employment Area status with a Local Employment Coordinator appointed to help our region better access the $650 million Jobs Fund.
Thread 3 Community Wellbeing 
  • Connecting with a range of health sector organisations operating in Melbourne's west and working cooperatively with them to better understand our region's health and wellbeing opportunities and challenges.
  • Forming a partnership with HealthWest in order to take a coordinated approach to addressing the signficant health challenges faced by residents of Melbourne's west.
Thread  4 Sustainable Liveability
  • Working cooperatively with the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA) and other environment focused organisations in Melbourne's west.
  • Working with Maribyrnong City Council and WAGA to host a Climate Change Forum that addressed international best practice in responding to climate change.
  • Participating in the grants assessment panel for the Vision for Werribee Plains Grants Program.
  • Promoting a positive image of Melbourne's West through a special weekend newspaper feature supplement in The Age.
Thread 5 Enabling Infrastructure
  • Working cooperatively with the Western Transport Alliance.
  • Briefing Victoria's Minister for Transport on the region's most pressing infrastructure requirements.
  • Lodging a submission responding to the East West Link Needs Assessment (the Eddington Report) that strongly advocated for duplication and electrification of the railway line from Sunshine to Melton and the building of new stations along that railway linme to serve the rapidly growing population.
  • Lodging a submission to Infrastructure Australia that strongly supported Victoria's application for Federal funding for the Regional Rail Link project.
  • Hosting a Telecommunications Forum with key speakers including the Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, Mr David Quilty, Telstra’s Group Managing Director for Public Policy and Communications and Ms Judy Anderson from IBM Australia & New Zealand.

Thread 6 Experience and Enjoyment

  • Connecting with a range of organisations from Melbourne's west operating in the Arts and Culture sector.
  • Producing a stylised regional map.
  • Working with Western Melbourne Tourism to create more opportunities for visitors and promote more tourism in Melbourne's west.

Thread 7 Regional Leadership

  • Welcoming the Western Bulldogs Football Club into membership of LeadWest.
  • Commencing participation in the Western Melbourne Regional Development Austrelia Committee.
  • Meeting with Ministers of the Australian Government and the Victorian Government.
  • Meeting with the Federal MPs representing electorates in Melbourne's west.
  • Hosting a Budget Briefing Breakfast at which Ministers of each tier of government discussed their government's budget with LeadWest's members and guests.
  • Helping prepare a report on the region's priority projects and presenting it to representatives of the Australian Government.



Positive results for Melbourne's west, influenced in part by LeadWest's advocacy activities, included:

  • Victorian Government financial support for Victoria University to examine areas to further improve Victoria’s strong export record and creating jobs for the freight and logistics industry.

  • Victorian Government commitment of $74 million for stage 2 of the Sunshine Hospital redevelopment, including a new teaching, training and research facility and the construction of four radiotherapy bunkers.

  • Australian Government agreement to provide a $3.2 billion funding contribution to the Regional Rail Link project.

  • Victorian Government commitment of $92 million to upgrade the track and station at Laverton, enabling additional services travelling from Laverton to the CBD via Altona, and improved travel times and reliability for V/Line and Werribee services.

  • Victorian Government commitment of $363 million for the Monash CityLink-Westgate improvement project, which includes an advanced, high-tech freeway management system to improve the capacity of this vital east-west corridor.

  • Australian Government commitment of $6 million for the councils in Melbourne’s west, as part of the $300 million Local Community Regional and Local Infrastructure Program.

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