WynBay Local Learning and Employment Network

--- WynBay LLEN

Wyndham and Hobsons Bay Local Learning and Employment Network (WynBay LLEN), which was established in 2001,  is an incorporated association of members who are stakeholders interested and involved in the education, training and employment advancement of young people in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay.  There are nearly 230 member organisations involved in WynBay LLEN, including schools, businesses and community organisations.

WynBay LLEN is part of a network of 31 LLENs across Victoria funded by the Victorian Government to support their objective that 94 per cent of all young people will achieve Year 12 or its equivalent by 2015.

The pivotal role of WynBay LLEN has been to act as a regional strategic and facilitation body, bringing together local government regions to collaboratively contribute to improving the education, training and employment outcomes for local young people.

WynBay LLEN is contracted to deliver the ‘School Business Community Partnership Brokers Program’ for the period 2010 – 2014.

WynBay LLEN also have a particular focus on those young people who are at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged from education and training and are not in meaningful employment.