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--- The Youth Junction Inc

The Youth Junction Inc. is a ‘public benefit’ organisation with deductible gift recipient status.

In response to a growing need to consolidate youth services in the ever changing and complex youth demographic in Melbourne's west, The Youth Junction Inc. launched the Visy Cares Hub in 2006.

The Visy Cares Hub is a state-of-the-art facility, which was jointly funded by Visy Cares, the Australian Government, Brimbank City Council and the Victorian Government.  It is designed to maximise the positive opportunities for young people, aged from 12 to 25 years of age in Sunshine and the western suburbs of Melbourne, by co-locating a range of services and programs in the same building.

The Youth Junction Inc. has Intake, Access and Referral Youth Workers based at reception in the Visy Cares Hub, so that young people can simply drop-in and seek professional assistance with any service they require.

Being passionate about providing young people with the opportunity to better their educational learning, The Youth Junction Inc. provides a homework support program.

Actively supporting education both in and out of school, The Youth Junction Inc. runs workshops within local Secondary Colleges, addressing issues faced by young people including anti-violence, cyber bullying, drugs and alcohol, mental health, respectful relationships, safe sex, partying responsibly, eating disorders, physical health, and leadership.

The Youth Junction Inc. also values its ability to offer young people the chance to develop their communities and themselves by teaching them how to be effective leaders.  It delivers a program in schools, with new and emerging and disengaged groups of young people, that is aimed at teaching young people that Leadership starts inside as a positive attitude and can develop to inspire others through education and support.

In 2009, The Youth Junction Inc. launched its campaign to address and reduce youth offending rates across Melbourne's west. This has resulted in the creation to two targeted justice programs:

  • Youth, Community & Law Program, funded by Legal Services Board, works intensively with young offenders (18 to 25 years of age) for a period of three months prior to sentence with the aim of reducing risk factors and causes of offending behaviour.
  • Crime, Choices & Consequences Program, funded through the Proceeds of Crime Act, provides young offenders (18 to 25 years of age) with the opportunity, prior to being sentenced, to attend The Alfred Hospital and/or The Royal Melbourne Hospital where they meet patients, listen to talks from some of Melbourne’s leading surgeons and emergency service personnel, and actively participate in the daily routines of a hospital environment. 

These programs include an intensive psycho-social assessment so that all needs of the young person can be addressed. Referral for these programs can only be from the Sunshine and Werribee Magistrates Court; however young people can undergo the initial screening interview which will determine if they are appropriate for the program, prior to their court appearance. The flyer and referral form can be found here.