Snuff Puppets

--- Snuff Puppets

Snuff Puppets is Australia’s leading giant puppet experimental theatre company. Founded in Footscray in 1992, they are based in the historic Footscray Drill Hall.

Snuff Puppets’ work transcends language barriers, connects with diverse audiences and engineers puppet audience collisions that leave all parties breathless. It combines elements of puppetry, live music, visual and physical theatre to create art that is accessible and challenging, visually spectacular and politically incisive.

Cultural and artistic explorers, Snuff Puppets have spent much of the last two decades touring nationally and internationally throughout Asia, Europe and South America, taking Footscray to the world. Their Main-Stage productions and Roaming acts are often outdoors taking performance to the people in the streets. Snuff Puppets’ highly successful People’s Puppet Project workshops engage communities to design, build and perform their own giant puppet spectacles.

Snuff Puppets are proud to make their home in Melbourne’s west.