--- Seaworks

Seaworks is a 2.74 hectare site located on the foreshore of Williamstown.

Steeped in history, Seaworks is the site of the first slip built in the Victorian Colony, the oldest surviving morgue in Victoria and the workshops of the Melbourne Harbour Trust.

The Melbourne Harbour Trust bought the land in 1901 to supplement the ship repair and maintenance of the Port. In 1922 the site became the main operations centre, sheds were relocated from North Wharf and the Boyd Jetty was constructed.

Today Seaworks is a site that celebrates and promotes the historical significance of maritime in Victoria whilst providing spaces for events, tourism, arts, recreation and education. It is also a commercial site for the maritime industries with tenants including FJ Darley Shipwright, Korevaar Marine, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Melbourne Seaplanes.