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Based in Footscray in Melbourne's west, On The Line believe that everybody deserves access to quality care whenever they need it – regardless of geography or circumstance.

On The Line strongly believe in the value of remote modalities in order to achieve its vision of equitable access to support for all Australians.

On The Line provide remote support services ranging from telephone helplines to call back services, video counselling, moderated forums and real-time online counselling. These remote modalities are proven to increase uptake and engagement, offering anonymity, immediacy and 24-hour availability.

Whether it’s a man in a remote town going through a divorce, or a woman struggling with thoughts of suicide, we believe in providing every person who contacts On The Line with the best care possible. Quality and professionalism are the cornerstones of all On The Line services.

On The Line critical support services run nationally and around the clock. On The Line provide some of Australia’s most vital and trusted services, like MensLine Australia and the Suicide Call Back Service, which support tens of thousands of people in need each year. On The Line also specialise in creating tailored support services for communities and organisations to boost productivity, health and wellbeing.

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