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Our Values and Principles

Everything Leadwest does will be underpinned by these values and principles:

Sustainability LeadWest will foster regional development in the broadest sense, focusing on a triple bottom line approach to the region’s development.
Community engagement The diversity of needs and individual differences between communities in the region will be respected.
Community wellbeing and capability                                                  Outcomes will be sought that add to the overall wellbeing and capability of the regional community. 
Communication LeadWest will foster open communication to ensure clear understanding, coordination, alignment of purpose and outcomes of goals as stated in the Western Agenda.
Building partnerships A key driver of LeadWest is building relationships with stakeholders to enhance collaborative and coordinated regional planning.
Efficiencies LeadWest will ensure an efficient and effective approach to the utilisation of regional funds through avoidance of overlaps and duplications between existing bodies.